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Many of you are probably wondering, why am I in this race?

In the early '80s, I was driving several younger family members to see one of their parents when I was pulled over by two Houston Police Officers for allegedly changing lanes improperly. Upon exiting my vehicle, I was defamed, beaten, and handcuffed in front of my family. I was detained and accused of assaulting a police officer. Older family members came to my rescue, and I was released and never charged. When I pursued justice, I was told those kinds of cases weren't prosecuted in Houston, Texas. No one would take such a case. I was denied access to court resources, and denied equal justice; I became a victim of the justice system twice over.


But what those officers intended for evil, God intended for good.


This event set me on a path of purpose-- a path that has brought me to this chapter in my life where I have the opportunity to improve access to the courts and to equal justice. After 3 decades of public service to the citizens of Texas, I am ready to continue my public service as District Judge of the 455th Civil District Court with two major goals:


1) To try all cases without bias or prejudice, treating all parties with the utmost dignity and respect, ensuring that everyone is given equal standing under the law.


2) To work to ensure that finances, backlogs, COVID safety, and disability accommodations do not create a barrier to anyone's pursuit of justice.


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